Injured While Crossing the Street?

Talk to a pedestrian accident attorney in Tampa or Riverview, FL

As a pedestrian, you're exposed to the dangers of vehicles without the protection of your own car. If you're injured in an accident, you're much more likely to be injured. McBreen & Nowak, P.A. will partner you with a car accident attorney so you can file a claim in Tampa, FL.

There's no excuse for a pedestrian accident. An attorney will fight for you to receive the compensation you deserve. Call 813-284-4024 now to schedule an appointment with us.

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Support your recovery

After your pedestrian accident, an attorney can walk you through all the details of your claim. If you're granted compensation after an accident, you can use those funds to pay for...

  • Medical bills, including hospital stays, surgeries and prescriptions
  • Property damage, including any lost or damaged belongings
  • Mental support, including therapy appointments
Would you like to speak with our car accident attorney about your options? Get in touch with us to set up your initial consultation.