I worked with Eric Nowak on a medical malpractice case and he was wonderful to work with, he is not only knowledgeable, but compassionate, kind and really cares about his clients and the cases he works on. I would recommend him to anyone looking for an attorney. Eric and Dan make a great team!



Take a moment and think of three types of businesses that you just know you are going to have high blood pressure when you call them. Let me help you out, car dealerships, air conditioning companies, and attorneys. Sounds like a pretty nasty list, doesn't it? I thought so too until I realized some of my Google reviews I have written so far (and I don't write many) have been praise for a car dealer and an A/C company. And now, I am going to follow suit and tell you how good the Law Firm of McBreen and Nowak in Tampa, FL really are.

I think it would be safe to say that most everyone would hope to never need the services of an attorney. That certainly was our family's position a few years ago. But then an unfortunate chain of events unfolded with my Dad's health that warranted the advice of an attorney. With some direction of a long-time family friend, we contacted Eric Nowak of Mcbreen & Nowak, P.A. Within a few minutes of the first phone call with Eric we knew that he was the guy my parents needed for their issue. He took the time required to understand ALL facets of Dad's claim, and then took great care to explain the steps of the legal process to my parents.

Throughout their ordeal Mom & Dad had an advocate they could rely on and more importantly they knew that the compassion shown to them by Eric was genuine. Dan & Eric were able to see my parents' case through to a successful outcome. It is our hope to never be in a situation where we would need to seek legal counsel again, but if that need does arise we know we can count on Dan McBreen and Eric Nowak to be the right guys for the job!

I will close this review with this thought, if you have the stereotypical idea of how interacting with an attorney must be like, relax, these guys will change your mind. Do yourself a favor if you need legal advice regarding a claim and contact McBreen & Nowak. Dan & Eric will show you the professional courtesy and compassion that should exist in the entire legal profession.



This firm has been nothing short of amazing - I feel that being represented by them was the best experience that I could have had. I was involved in a terrible accident and a very, very long recuperation; Eric Nowak and Dan McBreen were always available, always on top of every detail and always looked out for whatever was in my best interests. I speak highly of them because they totally deserve it. Professional, caring and they work hard . . . for the client.



I worked with Mr Nowak and was amazed at the attention and dedication he gave to my case! Customer satisfaction is a high priority with him and his firm! I appreciate everything he has done thus far. He is an amazing lawyer and will work hard for anyone who comes through his doors.



My name is Stoil, and will be honest with you,Dan deserve way more than 5 stars.
Dan's kindness, professionalism, and loyalty was a great help to me during difficult times. He obtained a great settlement for me. I highly recommend him. He is the best lawyer that I have ever met.



After having disastrous results with other attorneys Mr. McBreen stepped in to take over my medical malpractice lawsuit. When Mr. McBreen stepped in and took over, his professionalism and honesty was quite refreshing. He did everything possible to assist me with my case. They were friendly, sincere, straight forward with me, honest, definitely hard workers, put in many long hours and made it very easy to contact them. Mr. McBreen made sure I had his cell phone number and stayed in contact with me by phone and email. His determination to see my case through to the end AND come out with positive results made me feel someone finally cared about me and my medical issues. Mr. McBreen stayed true to his course of action and in the end held those accountable.